Our Top Five Wedding Proposal Ideas 2021 | Inspired by Our Clients

Our Top Five Wedding Proposal Ideas 2021 | Inspired by Our Clients

Planning a wedding proposal? Read on for wedding proposal ideas inspired by our clients! The wedding proposal is certainly one of the most important moments for a couple in a romantic relationship. It brings out a whole range of emotions; from excitement, to...

Top 5 Key Elements of Planning a Retirement Parties

Top 5 Key Elements of Planning a Retirement Parties

Top 5 Key Elements of Planning a Retirement Parties Retirement is a milestone that warrants a grand celebration with co-workers, family, and friends. Throwing a retirement party for yourself, a family member, or a friend needs thorough planning. Like any other...

Celebration of Life Music Ideas 2021

Celebration of Life Music Ideas 2021

Ocdamia Music Group has been providing live music to celebration of life ceremonies since 2009. Our team of professional musicians are musically educated and trained with years of experience. We are committed to ensuring client satisfaction and providing quality...

Holiday Parties?

Holiday Parties?

How do you make your holiday parties even more festive? By having live music, of course! No matter the occasion, our musicians and artists will definitely bring life to your party. We will make sure that you and your guests will have the best time!

Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Music Ideas 2021

Baby Shower and Gender Reveal Party Music Ideas 2021

Planning a full-scale baby shower or gender reveal party complete with live music? Read on for our ideas and suggestions! Baby showers and gender reveal parties have recently evolved into full-scale celebrations and productions with the rise of social media, making it...

Baptism Live Music Ideas 2021

Baptism Live Music Ideas 2021

Planning a baptism and looking to incorporate live music? Read on for baptism live music ideas and how to hire live musicians! A baptism is a joyous occasion where both family and church celebrate the beginning of a new life. It is a moment of quiet peace and joy...

Holiday Party Live Music Ideas 2021

Holiday Party Live Music Ideas 2021

A time where family and friends gather, holiday celebrations are truly the highlight of the season. To throw a festive holiday party for your loved ones, the following elements are essential: good food, great company, and excellent music! Music plays a big role in an...

Anniversary Party Live Music Ideas 2021

Anniversary Party Live Music Ideas 2021

Throw an anniversary party complete with live music and entertainment for an unforgettable celebration! Just like you, we believe in remembering milestones. And anniversaries are special to us because it marks a milestone of a successful company or marriage. Why not...

Graduation Live Music and Entertainment 2021

Graduation Live Music and Entertainment 2021

The graduation ceremony is a highlight of student life where years of hard work, effort, and perseverance come to an end. It is worthy of a grand celebration to honor students, faculty members, and school administrators for a job well done. As with other celebrations,...

Quinceanera Live Music and Entertainment Ideas 2021

Quinceanera Live Music and Entertainment Ideas 2021

Planning Quinceañera live music and entertainment for your event? Read on for music and entertainment ideas! A Quinceañera marks a girl’s transition into adulthood. It is celebrated when a girl turns fifteen years old. Rooted in Christian traditions, it affirms a...

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Live Music and Entertainment Ideas 2021

Bar/Bat Mitzvah Live Music and Entertainment Ideas 2021

When celebrating a Bar Mitzvah, live music and entertainment is an important part of the festivities! Bar and Bat Mitzvahs Being are important occasions for Jewish children and their families. They are best celebrated not just with wonderful people and overflowing...

Celebrating a special occasion? Book live music from us and let the festivities begin! 

Special Live Music Events

Ocdamia Music Group is one of the leading providers of live music and event entertainment in Southern California.



Our musicians have advanced degrees in music with years of training and experience.



Our system keeps track of all music requests which can be accessed 24/7.



Book the artist/group of your choice online via our website or by calling us.

“If a picture is worth a thousand words, I would need a series of books to show how amazing O.M.G. Ocdamia Music Group is.”

Our story

Since 2008

Ocdamia Music Group was founded on 2008 with the purpose of creating opportunities for local musicians. It began with a single string trio and has grown over the years to a network of over 100+ musicians. Now, it is a leading provider of live music and event entertainment in Southern California. Our diverse team of musicians, artists, and groups have years of experience performing in a variety of occasions, venues, and audiences. Leave it to us to indulge your guests with a performance they will truly remember.

Our Commitment To

Personalized Service

Where Do I Start?

Regardless if you are hosting 50 guests or 500 guests, we have the perfect musician for your event. We have over 100 professional musicians, ranging from solo artists to a 6-piece band, covering Southern California. Our Jazz Trio and Mariachi Trio are our most popular groups for Special Events.

Whether you are looking for a surprise performance or a highly produced event, OMG can help. We will match the best musician based on your venue location, style of music, and budget range. Feel free to browse different teams and watch their videos or call us now!


Understanding Your Music Needs

What kind of event are you hosting? How many guests are you planning to have? Will you be holding your event outdoors or indoors?


Get To Know The Style Of Music

Who are your favorite artists or bands? What genres do you like listening to?


Determining Your Budget

How many hours would you like the artist/group to play? What is your live music budget range?

  • Client Satisfaction 100% 100%

Let Us Help You Find The Perfect Music For Your Event

How Can We Help?

Providing Exceptional Live Music To Events

OMG is a collection of highly-talented local professional musicians based in Southern California. All of our hand-picked performers have years of experience performing for events!

“First of, would like to give Margie 5 star customer service. She was very accommodating to all requests and answered all my questions.”

Jone Dalisay


Recording and performance artists with years of experience.


String Duo

A pairing with a refreshing take on classic instrumental music.


String Trio

A classic harmony of strings playing a wide-variety of genres.​

String Quartet

Essential at weddings & events for creating a beautiful atmosphere.

Our Team Of Experts Are Here For You

Our dedicated staff are available anytime to answer your questions via chat, email, or phone via  (714) 763-6924.

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Frequently Asked Questions

what is your client satisfaction rating?

99%! We have served hundreds of clients over the past 10 years and we are incredibly thankful that our clients are satisfied with our service. We strive to consistently improve our service and performance and we are able to accomplish this by listening to feedback from our clients.

How Far can you travel?

We travel up to 100 miles within our artists location. We have artists located in key wedding and event areas including San Diego, Santa Barbara, Palm Springs, Los Angeles, and Orange County. Booking artists in their assigned location will not incur travel fees. 

What can i expect in the process?

After booking your preferred artist, you will be granted access to our music planning portal. You will be able to select songs from our music library to have our musicians perform it at your event. For special music requests, please send your request a month before the event date to allow our musicians to arrange and learn the music for you. 

How far can I book?

Our availability/booking calendar opens up 1 year to 1 year and 6 months ahead. Our 2020 and 2021 calendar is now available for bookings.

can i contact you at anytime?

You may connect with us instantly through an interactive chat feature in our website. You may also contact us via email or at (714)763-6924. We respond to your questions or concerns within the day.

"i'm feeling lost" - can you help me?

Yes! We understand that the process of planning for an event can be quite overwhelming. We’d love to make the process easier for you. Connect with us and we will gladly assist you. 

What is your cancellation Policy?

For cancellations 30 days before the event, we will refund 100% of your deposit. A refund will not be issued for cancellations with less than 30 days before the event.

Is there a fee for set-up and breakdown?

There is no additional fee for set-up and breakdown of equipment. Our team arrives 45 minutes before the appointment to setup.